Bridging oceans: How new tools are changing remote production
Hi, this is Rory McGregor from Cospective, the team behind cineSync. We'll be talking at Siggraph 2015's Birds of a Feather, with a terrific panel including Shotgun's Ben Hadden, The Creative-Cartel's Jenny Fulle and Scarecrow VFX's Rohin Aggarwal.

We invite you to come along and be a part of the discussion!

Bridging oceans: How new tools are changing remote production

Remote working in media production is on the rise. Companies - and even individuals - can now contribute to major film, TV and advertising projects from anywhere in the world. But how do they remain well-connected? 

In this session, Software developers and VFX creatives share their thoughts on the tools that are breaking down barriers in production. From remote production tools to the opportunities afforded by the Cloud, learn how increasingly more productions are taking place across borders, oceans and continents - and how new software, technologies and ways of working allow studios to work without the team ever having to enter the same room.. 

Read more about "Bridging oceans" at

‘Bridging oceans: How new tools are changing remote production’ is open to anyone who’d like to come along. Learn more about the panel below:

Bridging oceans: How new tools are changing remote production
Thursday, August 13, 10am-11am
Los Angeles Convention Center, ACM SIGGRAPH Theater


Rory McGregor, CEO, Cospective
Rohin Aggarwal, CEO, Scarecrow VFX
Jenny Fulle, CEO, The Creative Cartel
Ben Hadden, Product Manager, Shotgun Software
Sandro Di Segni, Director of Visual FX at O2 Filmes



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