Security Update
As many of you know, the Shotgun team size grew quite a bit with the Autodesk acquisition and this allows us to go much faster in feature development!

Our new size also lets us devote more resources to focus on the security of our client data. As you know, we have always considered security as our priority #1 feature. 

Now, our continued efforts and investments in security are backed by Autodesk’s own commitment and resources!

We’re continuing our quarterly security assessments by an independent 3rd party auditor. This includes validation of all existing and new products such as the new Shotgun Review iOS application. Our Q3 audit was done by Independent Security Evaluators (ISE). We know data security requires constant vigilance, so we've decided to increase our investment in security and will work with ISE to ensure new features are secure from the start of the design phase. Doing so will greatly reduce the risk of having security holes in the final applications.

On the Autodesk front, we work with Autodesk’s Information Security team to ensure our internal policies and processes adhere to Autodesk’s high standards. These will help ensure that, as the team grows, we’re always keeping client data secure. Additionally, we benefit from rapid internal communication channels to deal with external security threats as they arise.

The bottom line is that we know our hosted customers trust us with extremely valuable IP so we continue to add protection layers to ensure your data stays safe. And now, benefiting from Autodesk resources, not only can we go faster on feature development, we have and continue to increase our investments in security.


At March 22, 2016 at 8:59 AM , Blogger John Barness said...

Thanks for sharing this information.
As far as I know every legal operation connected with either acquisition or winding up an enterprise should be reviewed with due diligence. Today the fastest way doing this is using VDRs with secure file share. I have made some research in order to figure out which one is better and came to conclusion that the more data security is guaranteed the better service is.


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