Want to Simplify Version Control For Artists? Come See Us at E3!

If you haven’t had a chance to see Shotgun’s integration with Perforce we’d love to give you a look during E3. Our new plug-in for the Shotgun Toolkit speeds game development by linking tracking, scheduling, publishing, review, and more with Perforce, directly from within Maya, Photoshop, and other creative tools artists use every day.

We’d love to catch up and show you why studios including Blizzard, Microsoft, Playstation, Ubisoft, Cloud Imperium, Avalanche and many others use the out-of-the-box Shotgun system to manage production, review, and pipeline, and help their teams collaborate more efficiently. We’re looking forward to seeing you at E3 to answer any questions and hear what you’d like to see us build to support your vision of the future.

The Shotgunners


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