Shotgun Hackathon 2013!
Behold the annual Shotgun Crew Hackathon -- where there are no rules and the winner gets a honey baked ham (or in this case, 9lbs of bacon)!

The Hackathon lasts two days.  Day 1 is for building.  Day 2 is for pitching back to the company. Here's what we built:

Project: Notes Part Deux
Johnny & Beau

Made notes more efficient and informative with rich-text formatting, easy mentioning and linking capabilities and simple to-do lists.

Project:  Art Wall
Don & Neil

Developed an animated "video wall" that displays all the work submitted by artists in an animated stream, designed for large monitors in public spaces throughout the studio.  The goal is to keep everyone in touch with how a project is evolving and get everyone excited about the film / game / episode they're working on together.  It's like a real-time "weeklies" reel.  A user can launch it from any "Versions" page, which allows an admin to customize the filters that power the wall.

Project: Tracking Client Contacts

Used the the "Person" entity in Shotgun to make it easier to mine client data while assembling lists for client communication. By adding the contact type, users can simply filter the contacts they are looking for.

Project: EverGun

EverGun combines the best features of Evernote with Shotgun to enable artists, supervisors and coordinators to create notes on the go. Create notes in Evernote, tag them with things you're tracking in Shotgun, and then sync them directly to Shotgun.

Project: Shotgun Status Page

Created a new status page enabling users to have immediate access to Shotgun’s current status, view past status summaries and subscribe to status updates via sms, email, twitter, or rss feeds. We liked this one so much that we quickly productized it!  Check it out:

Project: Mobile Support in Shotgun

Users can receive text messages when a version is ready for review in Shotgun. Texts include the name of the version and an embedded thumbnail. This was accomplished with a Python script and the Shotgun Event Daemon.

Project: iOS Prototype

Created a way to load, view version details and watch versions in Shotgun from an iOS device.

Project: Toolkit Reports App

Created a Toolkit app to generate customer reports using Reportlab. Each hook in the app represents a different report than can be generated on the fly from pages in Shotgun.

Project: SgQr

Created a two part system. First an Action Menu Item that generates an Excel spreadsheet with embedded qr code images that embed the URLs for the detail pages of selected entities. Second an iPad app that has an embedded python interpreter running the shotgun api. The app uses the iPad camera to scan a QR code then connects to Shotgun and shows some details of the linked entities. If the entity is a Version with playable media, embed a media player to play it back.

Project: CloudFront & Deploy SG from Web Page

Implemented Amazon CloudFront support for Shotgun which allows for faster loading of media by caching it geographically closer to the end user. Brandon also created a web interface for deploying Shotgun.

Project: Branding (Color!)

Our black and white palate is too boring for Rebecca, so she presented new design ideas including themed cell phone cases, t-shirts, travel coffee mugs, business cards, and logos.

Project: The Sound of Shotgun
Professor Welker

Ever wonder what your project *sounds* like?  The Prof set up sound notifications to alert users when changes are being made throughout their studio's Shotgun site. Different sounds are assigned to actions such as changing Task Statuses, submitting Versions, and creating Notes.  Hilarious!

Project: The Shotty

Designed a prototype for the first ever Shotgun Trophy, to be handed out to our pipeline heroes and other folks in the community doing amazing work.

Project: C# Integration with Toolkit

Began to develop c# assembly integration with the pipeline toolkit by creating a generic c# engine and specialized it specifically for Unity.

Project: Shotgun Shell

Shotgun shell was an attempt at building a Unix like command line shell that ran on top of the Shotgun web gui. The shell had a number of simple commands (see attached screen with help command ) that could be chained together with pipe and redirect. Here's one command example:

whoami | cat_entity | grep projects | grid

shows in a focus grids all the projects that I am working on and the second example I change the Type field on all those projects to "Other".

And the Winners are…

Most Awesome
(i.e. it’s creative, we loved it, and we could see productizing in the future)

Notes Part Deux by Johnny and Beau

Most "Awesome"
(Notice the air quotes.  i.e. it's creative, it's funny, we loved it, but we'd probably never use it)

Sound of Shotgun by Professor Welker

Johnny and Professor Welker both received honey baked hams, while Beau preferred his pork winnings in the form of bacon… so we sent him 9lbs of it!

Which ideas here would you like to see us productize? 

Big Buck Bunny - footage courtesy of (CC) Blender Foundation,


At March 11, 2014 at 6:27 PM , Blogger Armando Ricalde said...

Love them all, well, not all really, but a lot of them have great potential, I'm very excited, but, the sad thing is that most of them won't see the light (I could be wrong).
Haven't you consider to put some on github for instance? with a disclaimer: Non-production ready, experimental code, use at you own risk
The SG community could benefit a lot, specially studios with small developing resources.


At March 12, 2014 at 1:23 PM , Blogger Ben Hadden said...

Hey Armando, glad you like them! I think we'd be up for sharing some of these on GitHub, though some projects may take a little more time to prep for prime-time than others. Any ones in particular you'd like to see us share first?


At March 13, 2014 at 8:05 PM , Blogger Patrick Wolf said...

Awesome creative ideas! Great that you are doing this annually!

Would love especially these ones to show up in production or on GitHub:
Notes Part Deux
iOS Prototype
C# Integration with Toolkit
Shotgun Shell
Art Wall


At March 18, 2014 at 4:37 AM , Blogger Sunil said...

Tommy's Client contacts would be cool to see implemented!


At January 21, 2015 at 11:14 PM , Blogger Kenn Green said...

Which QR Code generator did you use? I've just found a qr code interpreter with c# on websites, but it's only free for 60 days, do you have any more appropriate resources?


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