Shotgun User Group Event
Join the Shotgun User Group Event next Wednesday November 13th at 7pm EST live in Montreal and Toronto. We'll also be streaming live on google hangouts for anyone else who'd like to participate.

Members of the Shotgun team, including Don Parker (CEO), Matt Daw (CTO) will be present at the Montreal location, to officially kickoff the first Shotgun User Group event. They will be presenting on the Shotgun Roadmap and sharing exciting improvements and new features coming in future releases; which you really don’t want to miss!

Dave Lajoie, from Digital District Montreal will show how pipeline configuration can be used for multi-site centralized development environment versioned under GIT.

This community driven event, is intended for knowledge sharing and networking around Shotgun technologies, as well as pipeline best practices.

More info about this upcoming Shotgun User Group Event and agenda here.


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