Meet the Studio: DHX Media
We recently got the chance to visit DHX Media's 3D animation arm in Vancouver which creates and distributes top TV shows for kids, including Slugterra, Kate & Mim-Mim, and The Deep. We spoke with everyone from the VP of Technology, to one of their CG Supervisors, a Pipeline Engineer, and even HR to learn about what makes the studio tick, the challenges in creating episodic TV, and how they're using Shotgun to review and keep projects on track.

Art + Passion
We take a first look inside DHX Media - the people, the way they work, and their mission to create the best kids programming available. The team shares what they look for in artists joining the studio, and how passion is at the heart of production.


Connecting the Team
The studio talks fast turnaround times in episodic TV, and why constant communication between teams is more crucial than ever as they grow.


The Inflection Point
The team reflects on how their workflow has changed over the years, and how Shotgun has helped tie everyone at the studio together, streamline the review process, and keep everything on track.


For more information about DHX Media, visit


Shotgun + Houdini

Our Pipeline Toolkit includes out-of-the-box integration with Houdini with tools like the Shotgun Panel, loaders, publishers, and more. Check it out:

Learn more about the Shotgun Engine and Apps for Houdini.
Learn more about Shotgun's Pipeline Toolkit.


Call for Entries: 3rd Annual Pipeline Awards

For the third year in a row, we're bringing back the Pipeline Awards! What are the Pipeline Awards? They're our way of recognizing the creative geniuses far behind the screen - the heroes who make laborious processes better and faster for studios of all sizes, regardless of if they use Shotgun or not.

Nominate cools tools & pipeline heroes  
If you know about tools, integration projects or people we should consider for a Pipeline Award - either yourself, someone in your studio, or any tool you've come across that impressed you - let us know. Email your nomination to by June 20. Just send us a note indicating whether you're nominating a tool or person with a brief description of the tool or write-up of what the person has done that demonstrates their Pipeline Hero-ness.

The Framestore Pipeline Team accepting a Hero Award last year

What we're looking for
Pipeline Shotty Awards recognize excellence in pipeline tool development, integration, engineering and usage (whether or not it involves Shotgun). Maybe you have a super-visual animation pose library right inside Maya, or a tool developed to facilitate VR, track the business-side of things for ROI purposes, or streamline review, or just a super cool hack! Pipeline Hero Awards recognize individuals who regularly share best practices on the dev list or forums, or have developed tools that have been widely adopted by the industry. Check out the 2015 Pipeline Award Recipients.

We'll present the Awards at SIGGRAPH again this year (details to come), toast them at our annual SIGGRAPH party, and announce them right here on the blog.

Looking forward to your submissions!
The Shotgunners


Shotgun Review Demo at NAB 2016
We know that review and media collaboration are crucial to every production pipeline, whether you're working in animation or VFX for film, TV, or games, which is why we've been so focused on making the review tools in Shotgun as integrated and easy-to-use as possible.

At NAB this year, we dedicated an entire demo to talking about what we're doing to address the changing way media is shared, browsed and viewed, the latest tools in Shotgun, and the powerful capabilities RV adds to our toolset. Watch the full demo on-demand right here:

We want to hear from you! Tell us about your experience with media collaboration. What are you doing in review and what do you want to be able to do more of?


Upcoming Canada Roadshow
This month, we're teaming up with Scalar to host a series of community events across Canada!

Join us to learn about the latest in Shotgun and take part in an open Q&A with Shotgun Co-Founder Don Parker. We will also be joined by Troy Brooks, VP Technologies at DHX, in Vancouver, and Jordan Soles, CTO at Rodeo FX, in Montreal to hear about how they're using Shotgun.

For more information and to register, click on the location and day you'd like to attend below:

Vancouver (May 12) at 4pm PT
Montreal (May 25) at 6pm ET
Toronto (May 26) at 5pm ET

Hope to see you there!


2016 Shotgun Reel Call for Footage

It’s that time of year again folks! We’re getting ready to cut our annual client reel and would love to include your work. The work of our community is what drives us – after all, our tools are successful only as much as they take roadblocks out of your way so you can spend more time creating. When we go to events like Siggraph, it’s important to us to not only showcase our technology, but also the amazing work that you create while using it. Would you consider sending us footage to include by Friday, June 3?

How we’ll use it:
We will show the Shotgun client reel in our booth at Siggraph 2016 in Anaheim, CA between Tuesday, July 26 and Thursday, July 28, 2016. We will also use the Shotgun reel in our marketing after Siggraph.

Type of material:
We’re looking for finished and making-of clips from feature films and shorts (live action or animated), TV shows, commercials, trailers -- whatever you’ve created that used Shotgun in some way.

How it will be credited:
Feel free to put your logo bug on footage you submit, and we’ll include your clip with your bug. Many clips will appear without logo bugs. We will credit all work featured in the reel in a list of company names at the end.

Please send us ProRes HQ QuickTime movies if possible.

Submission channels:
-Please send your footage on a drive to ℅ Jocelyn Moffatt, Autodesk, 210 Main St., Venice, CA, 90291, USA, (we will return it!) or

-Upload your footage to a dropbox folder. Please email for uploading info.

Thank you for considering it! We know this is extra work for you and really appreciate anything you can share.

The Shotgunners

Check out last year's reel:


Phil Peterson Joins the Shotgun Team!

We're excited to welcome Phil Peterson to our team. We’ve known Phil for a long time, first working with him in 2007 at Digital Domain, then at IMD and later bringing him on as a consultant for Shotgun in 2012. Over the years, we’ve kept in touch, collaborated on several projects, and even had the occasional drink together at tradeshows, and now Phil joins the Shotgun crew as a senior architect with a focus on helping studios make important decisions quickly through analytics. 

Prior to joining the Shotgun team, he consulted leading visual effects and animation studios and technology companies on digital studio architecture and technology strategy. He has held several key technology positions with Lucas companies including leading R&D for ILM, heading technology for Lucasfilm Animation in the US and Singapore, and as both Principal Engineer for ILM and Chief Architect for Lucasfilm. Phil has also served as CTO at Digital Domain and as SVP and CTO at ImageMovers Digital, and began his studio career at Mainframe Entertainment on the pioneering television series, Reboot!

Phil received an Academy Award for Technical Achievement last year

Phil will be working with our new Pipeline Team, which was formed to collaborate closely with clients on pipeline projects. The Pipeline Team grew out of the idea that small studios should be able to do amazing things without having to build custom software, and larger studios should be able to focus on developing new functionality on top of the pipeline versus the pipeline itself - that’s where we come in. Together with the Shotgun team, Phil will lead research and product development on next gen analytics tools for studios of all sizes.

Welcome to the team, Phil!

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Shotgun at NAB!
We're a couple weeks away and getting ready for an action-packed week at NAB 2016. Visit us at the Autodesk booth SL-3316 to see our latest developments in review, production tracking, and pipeline tools - or just to catch up. We'll be highlighting Shotgun's review toolset, creative tool integrations, and more!

Here's where you can find us: 
We'll be showing Shotgun's review toolset and integrations with tools like Maya, Nuke, and Flame all week at the booth. Come by anytime to catch up with us at our demo pod, and make sure to attend live demos happening every day: 

Overview of Shotgun - April 18-20, 1pm & April 21, 9:30am
Shotgun Review - April 18-19, 1:30pm & April 20, 3:30pm

We're also super excited that two of our clients will be joining us at the show to give presentations on how they're using Shotgun:

Derek Moore, Managing Director and Co-Founder at Coffee & TV, will talk about how the boutique VFX house creates big effects with Flame and Shotgun.

Monday, April 18, 3pm
Tuesday, April 19, 12pm
Wednesday, April 20, 3pm
Thursday, April 21, 10am

From dragons to post-apocalyptic worlds, Nhat Phong Tran, VFX Supervisor at Pixomondo LA, will share how his team creates amazing visual effects on a global scale with the help of Shotgun.

Tuesday, April 19, 2pm
Wednesday, April 20, 12:30pm

You can find more info on our presence at NAB here.


Shotgun Software Helps Jaunt VR Streamline Production
Jaunt Inc., the leading producer and publisher of fully-immersive virtual reality experiences, recently launched its Los Angeles-based production arm Jaunt Studios to focus on producing original VR content. Shotgun’s Pipeline Team was tapped by Jaunt Studios to develop a production management solution for their entire VR production pipeline, including features for tracking principle photography, editorial and review collaboration workflow all integrated into Shotgun’s cloud-based production management and review software platform.

“Pipeline is crucial, and partnering with Shotgun is helping us set up our production management workflow much faster” explained Buckley Collum, Jaunt Director of Production. “Not only do we have huge volumes of data to manage, but we also have at least ten different projects going on at any given time, so there’s a lot of coordination. The Shotgun folks are experts in pipeline and together we’re building a solution specific to our needs while leveraging best practices.”

Collum and the Shotgun Pipeline Team, along with Jaunt Production Technology Supervisor Curt Miyashiro and Production Manager Chris Blasko, are all guiding the pipeline development effort. The end goal is to develop a rich VR production management toolset – including editorial publishing tools and tighter integration with Jaunt’s cloud based stitching and rendering system – to compliment the studio’s existing workflow and tools including Adobe Premiere Pro and stereo VR plug-ins. Jaunt also makes heavy use of Shotgun’s RV to review shots and is working closely with the team to build out support for head mounted displays (HMDs) from Oculus, HTC and Sony.

Jaunt's first content release was Sir Paul McCartney, playing "Live and Let Die" at the final concert held at Candlestick Park in August 2014.

Though Jaunt is still extending its Shotgun deployment, the software is already being used to track shots internally, as well as for review with third party vendors. “A lot of people in VR have worked with Shotgun before. It’s the industry standard for efficient production tracking, shot management and has a great set of tools,” explained Collum. “It’s nice being able to farm out work to other facilities and have access to that detailed level of shot tracking, so we know when we have final versions, where they’re going and how they’re moving through editorial.”

Jaunt is also banking on Shotgun to become a main hub for managing the data associated with terabytes of high-res footage from its VR productions. Jaunt ONE, the studio’s professional grade VR camera rig houses 24 HD camera modules, which capture 1TB of footage per hour. When that footage is stitched together for positioning, color and stereo pair entry at 60FPS, file sizes are typically 40 times larger than traditional productions. In the future, Jaunt anticipates working at even higher resolutions and frame rates and Collum believes Shotgun and RV will remain crucial components to securely managing the data associated with all of these assets.

“We are proud to be working with Jaunt VR who is helping to lead the charge in the rise of VR,” said Don Parker, co-founder of Shotgun Software. “We have always innovated by working closely with our clients, and we’re excited to be building up our understanding of the challenges VR studios go through while working shoulder to shoulder with Jaunt.”

Jaunt Studios has produced several VR experiences including “Paul McCartney: Live and let Die,” “Jack White: Third-D,” “The North Face: Nepal” and “The North Face: Climb”. The studio is also continuing to produce content with partners that include Sky News, NHL Films and ABC News, shooting most recently in Nepal, Syria, North Korea and across the United States.

For more information about Jaunt VR, visit


We're Hiring!
Shotgun and Pipeline Toolkit Support Engineer

We are currently on the lookout for a Shotgun and Pipeline Toolkit Support Engineer based in Europe to join our Street Team.

For those of you coming to us for the first time, Shotgun is the Film, TV and Games industry’s most widely adopted platform for project management and collaboration. The Street Team is Shotgun’s presence on the ground and our Pipeline Engineers work to solve the hardest problems that our clients are facing.

As part of the Street Team, you will gain an understanding of client workflows, dig into the guts of Shotgun and Toolkit, and be the pipeline hero in keeping multiple high-profile Film, Animation, VFX, and Games Studios on track every single day. Through a mix of engineering support, client care, consulting and product research, this multi-faceted role provides unique challenges requiring broad production experience and technical skills.

If you’re looking for the chance to work with an amazing team and incredible customers on some really exciting challenges, come join us!

More info here

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